March 31, 2016

Spring break. Ahhhhhhhhh. It couldn't have come a moment too soon and now it is slipping away faster than a politician leaving a motel room. Let's see... what did I accomplish this week. Pay bills: check. Clean apartment: check. Lay on couch in underwear while alternat...

March 29, 2016

I spent easter with my boyfriend and his extended family this year. It was such a blast! We went to mass, then to Ryan's grandparents for breakfast and an easter egg hunt. It took me wayyyyy too long to find my egg, which was just laying on the ground behind a car tire...

March 28, 2016

I'm trying to get the hang of posting often but it's harder than I thought it would be. Especially when I am like 7/8 of the way through my first year of teaching. 


But I have been cooking! A lot actually! Just not measuring, writing down recipes, or taking p...

March 8, 2016

I tested another recipe! Yay! This time it was something I am intimately familiar with... pancakes.


 I tested this recipe, as well as the last one, for Nicole from Eat This Poem. She is AWESOME and just submitted the manuscript for her first cookbook! I read Nicole's b...

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