April 28, 2016

Hi! You can eat dandelions. Isn't that cazy? Not only can you eat the leaves, which I recently saw for sale at Kroger and my eyes bugged out of my head because... why would you pay for dandelion leaves, they're freaking everywhere, but also you can eat the flowers. And...

April 21, 2016

Real talk: anyone else worry about how prepared you are for a zombie apocalypse? Anyone? You're lying if you say no. Not a day goes by that I lament my lack of survival skillz. I have seriously considered signing up for a bow-hunting class, but then I think that in the...

April 16, 2016

 Some days, while I'm taking a break from grading papers or lesson planning, I'll get on Pinterest in search of delicious looking food. I love saving yummy looking recipes, but the absolute best is when following a few links leads me to a new (to me) food blog that I c...

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