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Recipe Testing

I recently had an awesome opportunity to test a couple a recipes for a cookbook set to be published next spring. What a blast! I was thrilled to be picked as a tester, and I got to make and eat something I have never tried before. Anyone ever made short ribs? It's not hard, but it does take a long time. But the sauce ... oh the sauce. SO FLIPPING GOOD. I would eat a bowl of the sauce for dinner. And then dunk oreos in it for dessert (but not really). The other recipe I made was potato and celery root mash. Delicious! Don't be afraid of celery root. I have actually made it one other time with my roommate and it was great both times! Although my boyfriend claimed that I still smelled like celery 2 hours after I finished eating. Oh well. It was so good that I don't care if it makes me celery-scented.

Pile the ribs on the mash and WOW. Please excuse my food photography. I'm a novice working with an i-phone here.

The rather unfortunate end to this story is that I got sick later that night and, well, lets just leave it at that. Still, I will totes make these recipes again and buy the cookbook when it comes out next spring. Especially since my name will be published in it for helping! Yea, I'm kind of a big deal.


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