Recipe Testing Part II

I tested another recipe! Yay! This time it was something I am intimately familiar with... pancakes.

I tested this recipe, as well as the last one, for Nicole from Eat This Poem. She is AWESOME and just submitted the manuscript for her first cookbook! I read Nicole's blog regularly, and when I saw that she was looking for recipe testers to help with her cookbook I jumped at the chance to help.

The first recipe I tested were these short ribs and mashed potatoes and celery root. OMG YUM. My assignment for round II was blueberry buckwheat pancakes. They were so tasty. So, so tasty. Especially when eaten with a robust helping of crispy, salty bacon. These flapjacks are made with whole wheat flour and buckwheat flour, so they were super satisfying and substantial. Also the sweetner is maple syrup which somehow feels healthier than sugar. I actually made them a second time with walnuts instead of blueberries and those were equally delicous. 5 stars! two thumbs!

Can recipe testing be a career? Does anyone know? Hook a sister up.


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