Antipasti Dinner

I spent easter with my boyfriend and his extended family this year. It was such a blast! We went to mass, then to Ryan's grandparents for breakfast and an easter egg hunt. It took me wayyyyy too long to find my egg, which was just laying on the ground behind a car tire. But I felt better because it took Ryan almost half an hour soooooo yeeaaaaaa.

Later we rode around Northern Kentucky looking at houses for sale. It was a beautiful day! By dinner time I was starving and not interesting in cooking anything. I still wanted to be festive though because, well, Easter! So we went with one of my favorite meals... antipasti!

Oh are those blocks of cheese?! How did those get there? Huh. Well, anyway, I love this dinner because it takes almost no effort but it is chock full of my favorite things. Bread, fresh veggies, fruit, olives, salami, and cheese. And you can switch it up to include whatever it is you are craving that day. Just out of sight is a massive loaf of bread that we used to soak up olive oil or spread with pesto before piling with meat and cheese.

The new addition this time was the prosciutto wrapped asparagus. I have to say... not my favorite. I think it would have been better if I left the prosciutto raw and boiled the asparagus for a hot second instead of wrapping them and then frying. We will try again next time!

The other reason I love this dinner is because it can take hours to eat. The best way to eat it is while binge watching something on Netflix. I love grazing. I'm like a sheep. Or I guess I could have said cow but that seems unkind. I'm definitely a sheep. But not like a black sheep. Or a follower. Damn it! I'm just a human who enjoys eating slowly over a long period of time, okay!?


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