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The Great British Baking Show

Spring break. Ahhhhhhhhh. It couldn't have come a moment too soon and now it is slipping away faster than a politician leaving a motel room. Let's see... what did I accomplish this week. Pay bills: check. Clean apartment: check. Lay on couch in underwear while alternating napping and eating blocks of cheese in front of the tv: check. I'd say that so far I've had a very successful week.

I thought I had all but extinguished every food-based entertainment option on Netflix. Then an angel came to me in a dream and said, "There is work yet to be done, Rachel. Baking shows, yet to be watched. Specifically, The Great British Baking Show. Why haven't you clicked on that title yet? Seriously, what's wrong with you?"

Has anyone every seen The Great British Baking Show?! Is it not mesmerizing? I am enthralled! I can't put my finger on it, but this show has a very different quality and overall feel than any American baking or cooking contest has. My dad thought I was watching a documentary when he meandered through the living room, which kind of hit the nail on the head. The videography is very documentary-esque, and the music is, as the British would say, delightful and peppy!

The food is, of course, unbelievably gorgeous, and I assume it is also as delicious as the judges Paul and Mary (pictured above) say it is. Measuring by the amount of drool pooling in my mouth while I watch I would say it's the best god-damned food that ever entered my... eyes.

Sue and Mel, the host(esse)s are an absolute riot! I love their comments and quips; they frequently leave me LOLing. Sometimes even ROFLing. PSYCH, not really. I doubt anyone has ever actually ROFLed which watching a show about baking. And the judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are apparently stuff of legend when it comes to baking in Britain.

Guys, I'm loving it! It's on Netflix! If you have ever like any kind of cooking television, The Great British Baking Show is a must watch! Go now! Before your own angel comes to you in your sleep and reprimands you for your oversight.


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