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Hey ladiiieeeeessss!! Woop Woop!! Party over here, party over there! Party everywhere! But mostly Charleston, SC, where I spent Memorial Day weekend celebrating my main lady Chelsea's bach-e-loR-ETTE PARTY WOOOOOOO!!!! Tropical Depression Bonnie tried pretty hard to kill our vibe but failed miserably so HA. We spent most of our time laughing and eating, with a little bit of dancing and singing thrown in there. Sunday ended up being a really great day to get out and see the city, which was truly stunning.

We had some excellent eats, let me tell you. And most of them had to do with breakfast foods. Belgium style waffles with bourbon maple pecan syrup. Rhubarb and strawberry flavored homemade poptarts and buttery toasted banana walnut bread. Fluffy biscuits with spicy sausage gravy. And of course, bowls and bowls of buttery, creamy grits. When in Rome, am I right?!

So now, besides figuring out how to make my own poptarts 'cause I'm not sure how long I'll survive without them, I'm just missing my ladies. The great news is, I get to see all my lovlies in three weeks for Chelsea's wedding in Nashville so YAY!! We're all so happy for you, Chelsea! Thanks for making our collective dream of wearing the same outfit and dancing and singing in unison in front of a captive audience come true. Miss ya'll already :)


A blog focused on f-words: food, family, friends, and that fuzzy feeling you get when sitting by the fire with food in the oven and a fur baby at your feet. Oh and fun. If you like fun we'll be fast friends. Feel me?

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