I Made the Chicken Soup

January 26, 2016

Future food success story #1! Peruvian Chicken Soup! Yay!! and it was delicious. Sincerely, I loved it. And so did my roommate and my boyfriend. Annnnnddddd unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the finished product... so this is all I have. AARGH!!!! sorry. I'm just getting used to having to take pictures of everything I do. 

 I got the recipe from this food blog that I like to read. It was really easy to follow and not very complicated. I did use boneless skinless chicken breast instead of the thighs and legs that the recipe called for. Not because I'm trying to watch them calories, but more because I already had boneless skinless chicken breast. 


The broth had a wonderful garlicky, cilantro flavor that smelled UNBELIEVABLE. The lime wedges are non-negotiable. You need the lime wedges. Adrianna knows what she is talking about. 


To make this recipe, click here and you will be transported to the original on the awesome blog A Cozy Kitchen. You won't be disappointed, unlike when I went to write this post and realized I didn't take a picture of the finished project. Insert Liz Lemon frustration groan.


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