Maine in October

I just returned from my first trip to the great state of Maine. It was unbelievably gorgeous; I couldn't have visited on a better weekend. The leaves... THE LEAVES. The colors were amazing. I felt like I was living in a dream where everywhere I looked there was something more beautiful. My trip started in Brunswick, the most quintessential Maine town. If I had to pick I would say Brunswick was my favorite stop on the trip. It made me feel cozy and warm and happy and like maybe I really was born a Gilmore Girl but got switched at birth!

I spent one day in Portland and got my first Maine lobster. It was BOMB. Oh man sooooooo good. My suspicion that I like lobster more than crab was affirmed... there I said it!! My friend Erin and I went to a local fish market and asked one of the dudes behind the counter where we should get our lobstah dinner. He started to tell us where the "summery tourist" restaurant was and I had to restrain myself from literally placing my index finger over his lips to stop him from suggesting such nonsense. We quickly asked for the closest hole-in-the-wall that served whole lobsters and he pointed across the street to a dive that upon first glance I was certain was not up to health code. In fact after leaving I had a very serious allergy attack so maybe it wasn't.... anywho the lobster was phenomenal and I'd go back for more I tell ya. Also I got some clam chowdah because I was in Maine I had to. P.S. no I was not allergic to the lobster it was definitely seasonal allergies. I think.

Next stop was Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor (BAA -HAA-BAA). The park was... there are no words. Just go see for yourself. We hiked to the top of Cadillac Mountain, about 7 miles in all, for the most gorgeous view. If you still want the view but are less inclined to hike, you can also drive to the top, but where's the sense of accomplishment in that?! Bar Harbor was also SO MAINE but a little bit more tourist-y than Brunswick. Not to say that it wasn't great, just great in a different way. Our hotel got upgraded and I was all like, "Oh, thank you Jeeves. Once around the park, driver!"

One of my favorite things we did in Bar Harbor was walk out on the beach, which only appears when the tide goes out. It smelled deliciously of sea water. I could have stayed and played with barnacles and starfish and seagulls and pebbles all night. I guess that's the science teacher in me.

It was an amazing trip. You should go.


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