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It's Many Things

dog, pitt bull, rescue pet, shove it in your pie hole, yogurt, peaches

Days are whizzing by like a flurry of snowflakes and I am freaking Lorelei Gilmore (by which I mean I'm loving it). In the past five months I have switched jobs, moved, gotten engaged, and adopted a dog. I am now planning a wedding, teaching a new class at a new grade level, and continuing to rehab our home. When I open my i-calendar it should just generate a pop-up that says "YOU'RE BUSY."

I have never considered myself a person who needs activity; in fact quite the opposite. I relish the opportunity to hunker down on the couch for a good seven or eight hours and re-watch episodes of The Office for the tenth time. Is this a good use of time? Absolutely not. That's beside the point. What I'm trying to say is, the happiness I am experiencing during this unprecedented time of busy in my life is surprising me. It seems that I have found the perfect balance between procrastination and accomplishment, sedentary and active, solitary and social.

dog, pitt bull, rescue pet, shove it in your pie hole

Of course it's not all rainbows. My new job is way hard, and there were a few minutes during the early stages of wedding planning when I wished Ohio had one of those nifty drive-thru chapels. I've been thinking that those bleh moments are actually necessary ingredients for making happiness soup. Like, sometimes binging The Office is way better when you ran a marathon the day before than when you binged The Office the day before. Feel me? Anyway, maybe it's this spot on balance I've got going, maybe it's having the good along with the bleh, or maybe it's many things, but I'm feeling one hundred. So HI! I'm BACK! I've been feeling the itch to start writing again, maybe with less food this time (but definitely still some food). Let's see how this goes.

P.S. say hi to Archibold

Dog, Archibold, Rescue Pet, shove it in your pie hole


A blog focused on f-words: food, family, friends, and that fuzzy feeling you get when sitting by the fire with food in the oven and a fur baby at your feet. Oh and fun. If you like fun we'll be fast friends. Feel me?

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