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Kitchen Update

It’s so close! The kitchen! I am incredibly lucky to have been able to design a kitchen from scratch. It’s a luxury, I know. However, It doesn’t seem very luxurious when you’re renovating for 2 years. It has been a long and arduous process, but we are almost there. The items that need finishing up are:

  • Connect vent hood

  • Drywall back staircase

  • Nail in toe-strips

Why can’t we just get it done? Complacency. Or laziness. Not sure which I feel more at any given time. Also, are laziness and complacency the same thing?

Here are some of my favorite things about our kitchen:

Open Shelves / Subway Tile

open shelves

open shelves

The subway tile was a triumph of the will. It took literally 4 months to finish completely. Do you understand how annoying cutting tile is? How frustrating it is to have cut the wrong size? How much it hurts to get little shards of tile stuck on your arms that are so small that you can’t see them but know they are there because you’re itchy and there’s little specks of blood appearing? But, the wall turned out exactly perfect and I love it very much. I also love our open shelves. Sometimes I like the look of having everything hidden away, but in general I am more of an “on display” type of decorator. I love showing off our pretty wedding presents. These red cups are some of my favorite things. I got the from my grandma and I’m pretty sure they are from the 70’s! We have recently discovered that they are the number one best vessel to use for drinking spiked eggnog. Could they be any more festive?!

red glasses

Knife Magnet

knife magnet

Having my knives out on the wall is not only super convenient, but also pretty to look at. I keep my cutting board nearby to make an easy chopping station. This magnet and most of the knives were gifts from my parents.

Back Door

christmas door

I love our new back door. It adds so much pretty light to the room, and it looks mighty nice with a festive wreath hanging from it as well. I put this wreath on the inside of the house because We don’t use the back door very often so I get to look at it more this way. All in all the room has turned out well (so far) and it is one of our most utilized spaces. If you like to cook, it’s definitely important to make your kitchen a place where you like to be. Here's Archie on another favorite thing in the kitchen, this amazing "dogs going camping" rug. It makes me happy every time I look down.


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